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Meet Long Island Photographer at Imagine That Photography


Long Island Photographer Tatiana Bogdan

Tatiana Bogdan was born in Ukraine and raised in Russia. Although a creative spirit at heart, she went on to receive her Masters in International Economics. Once out of school, she set her sights on more adventurous endeavors and in 2007 moved to the United States where she attended art school. It was here that her love of art, design and photography became a true passion, paving the way for her career as a Graphic Designer.


Tatiana spent almost the next decade at a pharmaceutical firm where she took the lead in their Creative Services department creating consumer packaging, marketing communications, logos, websites, and photographic expressions. It was here that she met her husband, Suresh, whom she married in 2014. Within the next two years they welcomed their son, Jacob. As most new moms encounter, Tatiana made the difficult decision to put her full-time career on hold to become a full-time mom.


Although Tatiana was a new parent, she was also a seasoned creative soul and turned her artistic passion toward her son. Her photography ignited, as Jacob became the subject of her work, including her conceptual photographic scenes, known as the Lil’ Dreamers series.

Tatiana’s photography was truly born out of love — for art, family and, most of all, her son. She is so proud to be the inspiration behind the lens capturing your baby’s most precious moments, distinct personality and wondrous spirit.


Tatiana is fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and yes, baby.

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