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Just a few short months ago you found out you were pregnant and now here you are in your last term. It’s a time filled with joy, anticipation and profound love for your unborn child. Take a deep breath, smile and savor these last few months of pregnancy with a session that captures you at the most remarkable and beautiful time in your life.



The best time for your maternity session is anywhere between 25 to 36 weeks.You’ll have certainly “popped” by this time but should still be comfortable enough to pose for a variety of shots.

Your shoot can take place in a setting of your choice, including our studio in Bethpage, NY, your home, or an outdoor location, such as a garden, park, beach or urban setting. Indoor environments are more intimate and offer you privacy, controlled temperature and lighting. Outdoor settings have the beauty of natural light and the surrounding environment but it is weather permitting. Additionally, as with any public space, we may have spectators. As the day approaches we can discuss your options and ideas to see which type of location you are most comfortable with.



It is your choice if you choose to wear something more casual or dressy. However, since this is a maternity shoot, we suggest something more form fitting that shows off the shape and beauty of your pregnant belly. Solids and simple prints will photograph best. Avoid wearing heavy patterns, florals, plaids and checkered prints.

You may opt to go bare belly for some shots. Or, we make take an artful approach by draping a white or black sheet across your belly. Should you plan on wearing different outfits, a button down shirt makes it easy to change, as well as wearing a bandeau.

Above all, make sure you are comfortable with whatever you choose to wear that day. Should you have any questions or concerns about your wardrobe for that day, please do not hesitate to ask and we can guide you on what will work best for your session.



Having your significant other or family members, such as a sister, mother, grandparent or your other children, is a perfect way to bring variety to your maternity pictures. Plus, it’s a way to share this milestone with someone you truly love. Whomever you bring, be sure they wear an outfit that coordinates with yours or a dark shirt and dark pants. This ensures the focus is on you — your emotions, your expressions and your beautiful bump.


You are more than welcome to bring items to pose with to add a personalized touch. Some suggestions:

  • an ultrasound print out of your baby

  • alphabet blocks that spell out your baby’s name

  • a chalkboard with baby’s due date

  • baby shoes

  • a onesie

  • stuffed animals

  • flowers

  • your family pet

Above all, bring your ideas! You know yourself best and if there is any pose you would like to try or incorporate something entirely fresh, please let us know. This is your moment and your images should reflect your unique personality.

If you gave any questions or requests please don't hesitate to contact us.

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