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So new. So precious. So amazingly and perfectly yours. Your beautiful baby has finally arrived and the world as you know it will never be the same. Treasure these fleeting, first few weeks of life with a session that captures their tiny, delicate features, sweet innocence and heartwarming curled up poses.



The ideal time to photograph newborns is the first 5 to 14 days of life. Baby is still very sleepy, curly and easy to pose. Therefore, newborn sessions should be arranged prior to having your baby.

Contact us while you are pregnant and based on your due date we will schedule a tentative date. Once the baby comes, contact us again to confirm a date and time that’s best for you. We try to schedule sessions around 10-11AM just around that sweet morning nap.

The sessions are held in our beautiful cozy and warm studio in Bethpage.



We know what it’s like to be a new mom. Therefore, we go to great lengths to create a relaxed and peaceful environment with plenty of time for feeding and cuddling. Your comfort and the safety of your baby is always our top priority.

Ideally, we are looking to photograph your baby as he or she is sleeping soundly, capturing their most natural newborn poses and expressions. Depending on your baby’s sleep schedule and how many breaks we take, the session will last approximately 2 to 4 hours.


We recommend that you bring your baby to the session well rested. Plan to feed your baby as soon as you arrive. Sleepy babies photograph perfectly, so we will ask you to undress and swaddle your baby before the feeding so we do not disturb them afterwards.


  • We like to involve you in the styling of the session and have lots of props for you to choose from. If you have any special props you want to include in the photo shoot, you are welcome to bring them. 

  • In addition to your little one, we encourage you to have photos taken with your new baby. They are only this little once and capturing that emotion during those first few days is just amazing. We suggest you wear cool, comfortable clothing, as the studio is kept at a warm temperature. Do not wear anything too dressy. A classic look in neutral tones, without logos or patterns, photographs best. Also, bring a change of clothing for yourself, as we know motherhood can be unexpectedly messy.

  •  We may ask you to help with positioning your baby throughout the session. If you are unable to assist because of a pain (c-section or sore from giving birth) we suggest bringing a close friend or family member.



Your photographs will be ready in about 3 weeks. You will receive a custom USB in the mail or a link to your gallery download depending on the package you choose.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.

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